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Singapore Facts

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Singapore Facts


5 Interesting Facts 


  • Singapore City is one of only two cities in the world to contain a significant amount of rainforest in its borders.
 Exploring the world around us...
  • Singapore has set high restrictions on its media.  Internet access is also limited to certain sites.  The private ownership of any satellite is strictly prohibited too.  If someone tries to post political ideas or statements online, they have to register with the government.
  • Military service is compuslory for all able bodied men in Singapore. 
  • The Singapore Tourism Board's emblem is a "merlion".  It is a half lion, half fish statue.
  • Little India was founded by the Indians on the island.  All the Indians on the island were brought with Sir Stamford Raffles when he came to the island as slaves and helpers.
Tourist Attractions
  • The Singapore Zoo is a major tourist attraction.  The zoo is such a popular place because of the many services and animals they have such as night safaris and weddings.  The zoo also has many threatened species in fact, 16% of the 315 species it has are considered "threatened".
 entrance.jpg image by joyce1021
  • In the North Boat Quay area, there is a "dark bronze" statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, Singapore's founder.  The statue is placed near the area where Raffles was believed to first set foot on Singapore.
  • There is also the Raffles Hotel.  It was constructed in 1887 and is considered one of the last great 19th Century hotels in the world.  This hotel made of all suites always has an A-list as its guest list.




Singapore--James Nick

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