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Singapore Government and Issues

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The country of Singapore has a parlimentary government which means they have a parliment and the citizens of Singapore have a say in the government and can vote for a Prime Minister. An important document is Singapore's history is their Constitution that was written and published on June 3rd, 1959. It was then amended 6 years later in 1965. Another document important to Sigapore's history is the Proclomation of Singapore which was signed on August 9, 1965 by the Prime Minister which was Lee Kaun Yew. 






Singapore's economy is a very well developed free-market economy. Their GDP rate is higher than most of other well developed countries in Asia. Their economy is very dependent on all of their exports wich include: Oil, Electricity, Natural Gas, Machinery and Equipment, Consumer goods, Pharmaceuticals, Other Chemicals and Mineral Fuels. Some of their imports include: Machinery and Equpment, Mineral Fuels, Chemicals, and Consumer goods. One Singapore dollar is equal to $0.7062 in American currencies.





A dispute going on in Singapore is getting fresh water delivered to Singapore, but Malaysia is trying to stop it because they think that Singapore is stealing their water. Indonesia and Singapore are still trying to finalize the maritime boundarines that were created way back in 1973. A second issue in Singapore is the drug trafficing because it is a small country and it is easy to be transported from one side of the country to another side. The solution for this problem is the strict laws and the major aggresiveness of the Law Enforcement. 







Singapore--James Nick


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