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Hinduism Is India’s major religion with 82% of India following it. Hinduism is centered around  of three gods, Brahma-the creator, Vishnu-the sustainer, and Shiva-whom is associated the dissolution and death, though there are many more gods. In the religion of Hinduism you can worship all of the gods, or just one god, the choice is entirely up to you. Hinduism doesn’t have a single founder, holy text, a system of mortality, a central religious morality, or the concept of a prophet. Hinduism is the third largest religion, about 13% interracially. Before Hinduism in India, the main religion was Brahmanism,  a close sect religion.


HINDUISM - about 82%

ISLAM - about 12%

CHRISTIANITY - about 2.5%

SIKHISM - about 2%

BUDDHISM - about 0.7%

JAINISM - about 0.5%

ZOROASTRIANISM - about 0.01%

JUDAISM - about 0.0005%




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