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Taiwan: History, Government and Culture!

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History, Government, Culture

-1895-1945- Japan tried to implement Japanization which was the pressuring of Taiwanese People to adopt Japanese names. During this time, Japan also helped improve Taiwan's economy


-1664- Dutch expelled by Cheng Ch'eng-kung who was fleeing the mainland and occupied Taiwan and turned it into a base to attempt to save the Ming dynasty


-1624- Dutch set up base for commerce with Japan and China


-1664-1895- China controlled Taiwan, began with Cheng Ch'eng-kung expelling dutch


-1895-1945- Belong to Japan


-After WW2- Returns to China


-Before WW2-1949- Civil war fought on mainland between Chinese Communist Party led by Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek's KMT government. This war sent over 2 million refugees to Taiwan.



- Controlled by DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) and the KMT (Kuomintang)


-Multi-Party Democracy- DPP and KMT


-President- Ma Ying-jeou


-Most of control belongs to KMT as of 2005


-Constitution- amended to make cities and counties administered by the Executive Yuan


-Taiwan Relations Act- The US help Taiwan preserve the rights of the humans that live there


-Sport- Baseball, 2nd best in Asia to Japan. In the 2009 LLWS: Taiwan finished first and Japan finished 5th or 6th



-Customs- Very hospitable to people entering homes and will usually turn down gifts and repayment of money



-Food- Tai Tung or Pig's Blood Soup... Delicacy in Taiwan




-Tradition- Lion Dance from China for entertainment and spiritual purposes-no lions in China so they imitated movements of animals they knew



Taiwan--Reid Goose



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