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The Holidays and Facts Of Laos

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 Boun Pimai- is a celebration for Lao New Year, which is in December. It is in mid April because there are longer days and nights then. The use of water is also important because they dump the water on eachother and it is used to invite the rains.






That Luang Festival-  Takes place at That Luang in Vientiane. Hundreds of monks assemble at this and get alms and floral votives in the morning of the first day, the celebration lasts a week.




Five Intereting Facts 

1. Laos is landocked by five other countries

2. Nine out of the fifty one airports in Laos are actually paved.

3. Forty percent ofthe people in Laos are below the poverty line, almost halfthe population

4. Other than opium Laos is also exports large amounts of methamphetamine, cannabis, and heroin

5. Because many people in Laos practice Buddhism which calls for it's followers to be very kind,

     Laos and its people are often known as kind and generous people.

Laos--Zandy Jessica


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