Japanese Culture


             Japanese culture is extremly beautiful and calming. Some thing very traditional to Japanese culture is the Kimono. The word Kimono simply means "to wear". Today Most woman wear Kimones, typicaly a furosode kimono which you wear on your

19th birthday. For weddings the bride usualy wears a Kimono.     


             The Geisha also plays a huge role in Japanese culture. Geishas were entertainers for the emporer in the 7th century. Geishas offored their services in a blocked off area of Japan where people could enjoy these serveses with out any dispute, this land was called Yoshi-wara. This places was designed as an area for all the  prostitutes to live and work. There were ,however, strict rules to this "fun" place, the rules were: you could only stay for 24 hours, if you were suspicious in any way you would be kicked out, and if you were an unknown member you would be kicked out. Now this place doesnt exsist, The Geisha is a symbol of Japan.  

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Japan--Sophie Macie