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The Current Government Of Laos

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Government of Laos

-The Communist Pathet Lao gained control in 1975 and the government of Laos became communist.

     -Laos is governed by one, single party, LPRP or Lao People's Revolutionary Group.

     -The National Assembly elects Laos' president, who will serve a five year term.

     -The president can assign a cabinent and a prime minister, who will serve as the head of the government.

-Important Documents-

1. Constitution of The Lao People's Democratic Republic- This document lists the rights of the Lao people. It talks about:

-The Political Regime

-The Socio-Economic System

-Fundamental Rights and Duties of the Citizens

-The National Assembly

-The President of the Republic

- The Government

-The Local Administrations

-The Judicial Organs

-The People's Court

-The Offices of Public Prosecution

-Language, Script, National Emblem, 
National Flag, National Anthem and Capital City.

2. US War on Drugs in Laos Leading to Increased Poverty- This document states that in the 2003 report on human rights in Laos, that the humans rights in Laos are very poor and the government has commited many serious abuses.  Lao people have been removed from there homes in the mountains and brought in towards the city by the government. This has lead to the Lao People lacking food and money because they have no income, many of the people farmed. The government is moving these farmers to low lands in order to reduce the opium production, Laos is the third largest opium producer



The capital of Laos is Vientiane. 














Present Day Issues

-There was a cholera outbreak when Laos was occupied by Japan. The outbreak continued until the late ninties when less cases were reported. There was a steady decline in cholera cases. However, the World Health Organization reports that on January 19, 2008 362 cases of cholera were reported. Since then there has been a surveillance of the affected districts, infection control, health education, and a safe water supply is being provided.  

- Laos has a serious drug trafficking problem. The Lao National Commision for Drug Control (LCDC) is trying to assisit the former opium poppy cultivating villages that have had to stop due to drug abuse. The LCDC believes that if the diplomats and international organizations continue to help with the problem then Laos will be able to end this drug oredeal.



 Currently, Laos has a trade deficit to deal with. Many of the Lao People are farmers. Laos has no railroad and very few roads. The government controls almost everything including radio,

Imports- fuel, food, consumer goods, machinery and equipment,  vehicles, and spare parts for vehicles. These were mainly imported from Thailand, Viet Nam, China, and Singapore.

http://www.businessweek.com/autos/autobeat/archives/red_gas_pump.jpg http://cnp.sde.state.ok.us/cnp/IMAGES/marketFresh065.JPG










Eports: Garments, electricity, wood, wood products, coffee, cardamom, rattan, and tin. These were mainly exported to Thailand, Viet Nam, France, and Germany.  







Laos--Zandy Jessica



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